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     Some know me as "Quill Gordon" from the blog "The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond" but to most I am Ken Hall.

     I have walked the same trails, followed the same streams, and fished the same lake for ten years, most of the time with a camera handy. The galleries on these pages are a small sample of the thousands of images I have collected, with more to come.

     All images are copyrighted and available for sale as licensed downloads in larger sizes for personal or professional use.

     Larger than what, you might ask.

     Larger than the display sizes you see here, which really aren't all that large, that's what.

     They are big enough to share, though, and there is a convenient button to click if you care to share. You probably know better than I how that stuff works.

     You'll also notice there are no (visible) identifiers or watermarks to clutter up the view. When sharing, please remember they're mine and at least link back or give credit.

     I haven't decided on a printer or products yet, so it's downloads only for now. Please drop me a line using the "contact" link above if you are interested in prints or if there's something you're looking for and don't see but suspect I might have.

     Additional images and more galleries to come. Enjoy.



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